We are LIVE

WHAT IS UP!? So here we are, the official launch of UntitledMMA.com. A lot has happened in between the time we put this together and today, i.e. shit got weird on the UFC 197 card, which only made us more excited for launch day to come. This post is intended to hopefully answer any questions and give a general idea of what this is and who we are. First off, we are not a news site. There are plenty of places to get MMA news and it isn't exactly groundbreaking or exciting to post news you can read in an infinite amount of places. We will, however, comment and give our opinions on MMA news, and that will be a big part of what we do here.

We intend Untitled to be a place where not only can MMA fans enjoy content, but a place where they can create their own. Of course, our current team will have plenty of content on this site (more on that later) but we hope to provide a place where more MMA fans can submit their own content and contribute as well. While we don't have a large audience yet, (We just launched. Don't get antsy) we're confident that, with our plans and help from the MMA community, this site will turn into a must-see destination for fans of this great sport.

The majority of what we'll post will be opinions and reactions to news, fights and other happenings in MMA with a usually comedic and over the top tone (think Barstool Sports but not as good and about MMA). In addition to that, we'll do Top 5 lists, Fight Picks, and the like.

We're all very excited to start this journey and ready to make this into something every MMA fan can enjoy. Later this week we'll make picks for UFC on FOX and probably give you some bad betting picks, too. Thanks for visiting and we hope that you'll stick with us as we continue on.