By: Buju News broke late this morning that BJ Penn's return fight will happen at UFC 199 against Dennis Siver. BJ is coming off of a loss to Frankie Edgar via destruction when his revolutionary tip-toe through the tulips stance proved ineffective. Meanwhile, Dennis Siver has recently had his bum life changed by Conor McGregor, and dropped a unanimous decision loss to some guy. BJ has been training in the mythical land of MMA wizardry under the tutelage (great word) of Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn, and partnering with the likes of Rousey Killer Holly Holm and freak of nature Jonathon Dwight Jones. 

I personally am pretty excited about this. I don't understand why everyone is up all upset about it, acting like their husband is going off to war or something. I think this is pretty much the perfect matchup for BJ at this point. He's been training at Jackson's, which is pretty unanimously considered the best gym at the moment, so unlike the last Edgar fight we know he'll at least look competent with a decent gameplan. They're the same age, BJ is a couple of inches taller, and Siver isn't exactly a killer. I'm sure it'll be a decently fun fight and nobody is going to go in there and embarrass themselves or die, and I think it's ok to look forward to it instead of acting like your BJ's mother



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