Buju's Bad Bets: UFC 200 Weekend

This was originally written before Jones dropped out, so part of this had to be re-written. I think I fixed everything that needed to be fixed, but I may have missed a couple details. Hello reader/fellow degenerate,

This is a recurring column I've been meaning to post since we launched our cozy, little website back a few months back. In my humble opinion, I've picked the perfect week to launch this new feature, and procrastination has nothing to do with the timing at all! Anyways, I plan to do one of these for every week in which major fights (UFC, Bellator, WSOF and maybe the occasional boxing match or WWE event) are scheduled. This is intended to be a fun little deal where you can see the terrible bets I make each card, and you'll hopefully be smart enough to not listen. 

DISCLAIMERS:  I am not good at gambling

I make very small bets

Betting lines are provided by Bovada

With so many big fights in a small window, I'll probably end up playing a few 2-4 fighter parlays and a large parlay for fun along with the individual bets. First let's take a look at Thursday's card... A Rafael dos Anjos(-350) & Joe Duffy (-400) parlay pays out at -165, but throw in Derrick Lewis (+105 against Roy Nelson) and it bumps that up to +229. 

Friday's card features the Women's Strawweight title fight, and the TUF 23 finale. Certainly not a terrible card as far as TUF finales go... but god damn are these betting lines giving me the scaries. The best takeaway for me for this event is probably a Will Brooks (-375) & Jake Matthews (-140) parlay at +117. Throw Joanna Violence (-140) into that and it takes you to +272.

Now to UFC 200... This card has a lot more toss-up lines in the +/- 100's, which only makes me having to give you picks more stressful and terrifying. Starting at the top and working my way down, a Cain (-305) & Tate (-260) & Edgar (-125) parlay paying out at +235, swap Aldo (-105) and it bumps you up to +260. Just for giggles, I'll play a Miller (-260), Mousasi (-270), Super Sage (-340), Dillashaw (-400), Cain (-305) parlay paying at +308. Told you I'm bad at this.

Now let's have some fun... SUPER PARLAY

The biggest parlay you can play at Bovada is 12 picks, so let's get weird. A Duffy-Tate-Velasquez-Super Sage-Mousasi-Miller-Joanna-Will Brooks-Matthews-RDA-Derrick Lewis-Gastelum parlay pays at +10470. Fuck it, right? YOLO as the street kids say. Live a little, have some fun, and waste some money

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