Woodley, Wonderboy, Diaz, GSP and the Landscape of the 170 lb Division

With the return of Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz, the 170 pound division is certainly shaken up. With that being said, let's see where everyone stands:Champion - Tyron Woodley

Fresh off of his upset victory over Robbie Lawler, Woodley has stated that he now wants a money right, saying he had fought to the top and wants to now earn enough to live comfortably after fighting. He said he would like to fight either GSP or Nick, but it is unlikely he gets either at first, per Dana White.  No. 1 Welterweight - Robbie Lawler

"Ruthless" Robbie Lawler is coming off a stunning knockout at the hands of Tyron Woodley. Given the UFC's recent history, he will not be given an immediate rematch, meaning he has to string together a win or two before he gets a chance to reclaim his belt. The question that Joe Silva must ask himself is, "Who do I give Robbie Lawler?" Do you give him Rory MacDonald, who is on a two fight losing streak? What about GSP? And Nick Diaz? Whoever Lawler ends up fighting, it is going to be must-see TV.  No. 2 Welterweight - Stephen Thompson

On a seven fight win streak, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson is the clear number one contender in the division. Dana White has recently said that he will get the first crack at the new champion, much to his delight. With recent wins over Rory MacDonald and Johny Hendricks, he has shown that he is a very versatile fighter and deserves his place among Welterweight elite.  No. 3 Welterweight - Rory MacDonald

MacDonald is in a very difficult situation. He is now on a two fight losing streak and needs to get a bounce back win badly. With Carlos Condit and Damien Maia fighting soon, MacDonald, unless he wants to face Robbie Lawler, the man who pushed his nose into his skull, must look down the Welterweight ranks for his next bout. He most likely won't fight teammate GSP, so two possible match ups for the young Canadian star would be Nick Diaz or Kelvin Gastelum. Diaz is a lanky striker that has a dangerous ground game, and Gastelum is a potent striker who seems to be finding comfort in the 170 pound division.  Georges St. Pierre

One of the best fighters in the history of the UFC is back. After announcing he would be entering the USADA testing pool, people have been in uproar over who GSP will fight in his return fight. The once super fight of him against Anderson "The Spider" Silva is very much in the realm of possibilities. Both are now past their prime, but fans would throw money at the UFC should it happen, much like Mayweather-Pacquaio did to boxing fans, hardcore and casual alike. Another possibility is that he gets a tune up fight in preparation for a run at gold. If that is the case, any welterweight could be called up, likely depending on what GSP wants. No matter what happens, it's going to be a great moment when Bruce Buffer announces Georges "Rush" St. Pierre again.  Nick Diaz

#NickDiazIsFree. The hashtag trended Twitter on August 1st when Diaz's controversial suspension ended. Now able to resume his fighting career, he has openly stated there are no names he wanted to fight. This was before GSP announced his return, a name I am certain we wouldn't mind facing to avenge his loss to the former Welterweight kingpin. If he does not get that fight, I would bet that he would get someone in the top 15. Regardless, hopefully he can lay off the green stuff to avoid another lengthy suspension. 

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