TMZ Has Some Weird Ideas for Conor McGregor's Next Fight

By: Buju In a post written after Conor McGregor won by majority decision on Saturday night, TMZ has some odd suggestions for the 145 lb champion's next opponent. According to the article, TMZ says that Dana told them Conor will have to fight Jose Aldo and "surrender his title to him" or cut down to 155 and fight some guy named Danny Martinez for the UFC Flyweight championship.  I love that it says he has to fight Aldo and "surrender" the title in what I can only assume would be like Shawn Michaels forfeiting the Intercontinental title to Dean Douglas after HBK lost his smile. And then the option.... Oooooh the other option. If you believe TMZ, Dana White wants Conor fucking McGregor to cut to 155 lbs to fight a middling Flyweight for Demetrius Johnson's championsip. Unless Mighty Mouse lost the belt in a WWF Hardcore title-style manner, then I say lets do this thing.  The best part of the sport getting bigger with new media outlets covering it is that we get ridiculous things like this. Stay tuned to Untitled MMA to find out whether McGregor will be fighting Nate Diaz, Jose Aldo or Flyweight champion Danny Martinez at Lightweight

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