Sage Northcutt Acts Like Normal Human, Talks a Little Trash

By: Buju

BREAKING NEWS: Sage Northcutt can actually talk about something without describing it as "awesome." In his appearance on the latest edition of Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour, Super Sage gave his thoughts on the Mickey Gall's two UFC bouts. 

"I think just him going in and fighting two guys that had no fights — I think they were both close to 40 years old, too — it's almost like fighting someone's dad that only trained very little for a fight. It was definitely interesting if you think of it that way."

He then gave his rebuttal on Gall's criticism of the Super Sage hair-do

"He's talking about my hair — he wants to punch the spikes out of my hair — and looking at that from his fights that I've seen and looking at his pictures, his hair kind of looks like mine. It just doesn't have the hair gel in it, it doesn't look like. I'm thinking that maybe he should get some hair gel and style it or something."


Sage did not, however, approve of Gall's language while talking with Joe Rogan after the fight...

"I think a step too far was when he's cussing and sending the curse words out there. I don't know. He said that's how he gets people's attention, but I don't know what people's attention he's trying to get if he's cussing out there. Is it the families? The moms? The little kids that are watching? I don't know, but it doesn't seem very appropriate."

Cmon Mickey! Think about the children after you choke a guy out in a cage fight at midnight! How will the mothers ever recover from hearing such profanity!?

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