The Curious Case of Uriah Hall

By: Bryce

After UFC Hidalgo, one of the few takeaways was that Uriah Hall is not as good of a Mixed Martial Artist as many were hoping, falling to fellow middleweight contender Derek Brunson. After his latest defeat, two in a row, his UFC record has dropped to a very mediocre 5-5. While he always has the possibility of a highlight reel knockout, as he demonstrated on TUF, Hall is wildly inconsistent and streaky. For being a professional fighter for over a decade, (I know, I was surprised too) Hall has yet to put together his game for a legitimate title run.

After The Ultimate Fighter, Hall lost to John “Doomsday” Howard. Heading into his UFC 168 bout with Chris Leben, there were rumors that if Hall lost he would be cut. He must have taken that to heart, as he went out and retired the veteran. That propelled Hall to a three fight win streak that would be halted by a controversial split decision loss to Rafael Natal. He bounced back well, winning his next two by knockout. This brings us to his last two fights, both losses. Once he gets on a roll, he seems to get beat when his opponent level rises, losing momentum. He remains ranked in the middleweight division, but he has shown that he was not at the level of Brunson most recently.

There is still time, as Uriah is only 32 and has yet to hit his fighting prime. He always has the ability to knock out his opponents cold with one shot, a skill that will keep him employed likely. One issue in his game, however, is that he rarely controls the octagon. In fact, in all of his UFC fights, he has only had more octagon control than his opponent 3 times (I could not find the statistics on his UFC Debut, the TUF 17 finale, but I would assume he has less octagon control). Hall, a striker that needs space in order to properly utilize his arsenal, needs to improve on this if he wants to succeed. He has won fights in which he did not have the most octagon control, but for him to have a more consistent fight plan, this would be a good place to start.

I am a big Uriah Hall fan and want to see him succeed. I don’t feel that he has truly fought to his potential thus far, and I hope that he can learn from his mistakes in his last two bouts and comes back stronger than ever. 

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