GSP is on the market; Promotions salivate

By: Bryce After rumors circulated that GSP would headline UFC 206 in Toronto, he announced on the MMA Hour that he is now a free agent. He said that he had his contract terminated by his lawyer after the UFC failed to meet the deadline to reworking his contract. This ultimately likely boiled down to the Reebok deal. GSP is sponsored by the likes of Under Armour and Hayabusa, and he would not be able to show his sponsors with the new Reebok deal the UFC enstilled in July of last year. A majority of his pay would come from these sponsors, so GSP justly wanted compensation to make up for this. It obviously had not worked out. He did comment and say that he thought they were close, but the new WME-IMG pulled the offer. Regardless of what the exact reason was, the bottom line is that Georges “Rush” St. Pierre is ready to fight and it may not be with the UFC. 

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