Bryce's Three More Rounds: UFC São Paolo + Belfast

3 More Rounds: Bryce’s Post Fight ThoughtsUFC Belfast and Sau Paulo


1.  Woes continue for Hall; Mousasi is legit

The main event of the UFC’s first card of the weekend had a rematch between the wildly inconsistent Uriah Hall and Gegard Mousasi. The last bout between the two ended with a highlight reel knockout for Hall who caught Mousasi with a spinning back kick to the temple. This time around, Mousasi would not fall victim to another one of Hall’s exciting kicks. He almost got clipped a few times, but Mousasi took Hall down and pounded him until the ref came in and stopped it. This is now 3 losses in a row for Hall, 2 in a row in which he was knocked out in the first round. Something is wrong with him in the octagon, and he needs to fix it ASAP if he wants to keep his job. As for Mousasi, this is another impressive victory. He is 4-0 on the year, and has ended his last 3 opponents. Look for him to take someone on in the top 5 next, as he has shown that he is a legit middleweight contender.


2. "Thominhas” is BACK

Some fighters lose a certain fire when they suffer there first professional loss. Look at Holly Holm, who lost to Miesha Tate and returned to get beat by Valentina Shevchenko. Thomas Almeida is not one of those fighters. After losing in May to now title challenger Cody Garbrandt, he showed no signs of caution as he decimated Albert Morales. He is the epitome of violence in the sport. If you want a friend to get into MMA, just show him Thomas Almeida highlights. The kid is a monstrosity and he is only going to get better. Hopefully this win was enough to show the UFC that he deserves to fight a top-10 guy next. The future of the bantamweight division is bright with prospects like Almeida and Garbrandt scattered in the ranks.


3. Bader showed what all of us knew: LHW is WEAK

The main event of the Sau Paulo card was about as one sided as it gets. Ryan Bader was set to fight Little Nog. I’m not sure what the bigger injustice here was: having Little Nog ranked at #9 coming into this fight or having a stiff 40-year-old against a scary Ryan Bader. Regardless, it was not pretty. Nogueira landed 11 strikes in a fight that nearly went 3 full rounds. Bader, on the other hand, landed over 125, landing with an astounding 80% accuracy. This fight showed the MMA world a few things. For one, it showed that there are four tiers in the light heavyweight division. There’s Jon Jones at the top, the next tier is DC and Rumble, then the likes of Gustaffson, Bader, and Glover. Then, at the bottom, is everybody else. The talent gap in the division is there and it is substantial. In the aftermath of this bout in particular, I hope Bader gets a fight against someone in the top 5, maybe Jimi Manuwa? For Little Nog, I hope he thinks long and hard before coming back into the octagon. He looked very bad, and I believe it may be time to call it a career.


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