3 Reasons Francis Ngannou Will Be UFC Champion

By: Bryce MMA: UFC Fight Night-Ngannou vs Hamilton


There are a lot of things that can be taken away from UFC Denver, from Valentina Schevchenko’s likely upcoming title fight, or Jorge Masvidal’s statement to the welterweight division. The most important takeaway to me was Francis Ngannou’s dismantling of former Heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. I was left in awe at what I saw from the 30 year old prospect. However, I no longer think he is a prospect. I think he is a legitimate contender and will be  champion within the next 24 months. Here’s why:

  1. Sheer Power


Francis Ngannou did more than just knock out Arlovski. He lifted him off the ground while walking back. That sort of freakish power is unheard of. I cannot think of a single person that could land a punch that wasn’t corked up that could lift a man off his feet. (You can watch the entirety of the bout above) That wasn’t even fathomable to me until last night. This leads us well into the next point that…



  1. He’s a Freak Physical Specimen


This doesn’t take long to see. He’s 6’4” and nearly 260 pounds and JACKED. He makes all his opponents (and Brian Stann) look small. He’s what Greek sculptors look to as inspiration. No one else in the division compares to him physically beyond Alistair Overreem. He so far has shown in the UFC that he has plenty gas in the tank to unleash bombs that make nobodies and legends crumble one and the same. Just look at what he looks like and what he does to people…


  1. He’s Still Learning


This could be the scariest thing of all. He only has 10 professional MMA fights. He’s only been the sport for a little more than 3 years. He has still shown he is a well rounded fighter with 4 submission wins to his credit. His most recent submission, in his fight against Anthony Hamilton, his coaches taught him how to do the kimura in the locker room before the fight. The longer it takes for him to the top, the more dangerous he will get. His skill set is growing, and the entire heavyweight division better take notice because “The Preadator” is coming...


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