Korean Zombie Is The Hero We Need

By: Buju 

Something was awoken in me Saturday night. It's something that I can only assume was always there, but what transpired in Houston on Saturday night brought it to the light. That something is my love for a man named The Korean Zombie. 


While I of course had watched his wars on Fight Pass, I had never seen the Zombie fight live. I, like everyone else, was excited for his return, expecting a solid matchup against a top 10 Featherweight in Dennis Bermudez. What I wasn't expecting was to come out of a seemingly throwaway FS1 card with a new addition to my list of favorite fighters. This may be a lot of hyperbole, but you'll have to excuse me because I'm an exciteable boy. That excitement caused me to send out tweets such as these...



And these...



Korean Zombie should be the next star at 145 pounds. Not only is he a standup fighter with absolute WARS on his resume, he is also a gift from the MMA Gods themselves. Created as a tool for MMA violence to satisfy their thirst. Now that I worship at the altar of The Korean Zombie (what a fantastic name by the way), the wait for his next fight may be more than I can handle. 

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