PREVIEW: UFC 210 Headliner

Image result for dc rumble belt By: Bryce

Well, the weigh ins are over, and, whether there was tom foolery afoot or not, the main eventers Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson both made the 205 lb maximum for their bout tomorrow night. Just to get you psyched one last time, check out some highlights of the champion and the challenger.

Anthony Johnson is a scary scary man. He has that rare 1 punch knockout power, but that alone does not do his power justice. He is likely the hardest hitter in the company, and he takes souls. He finds a way to explode on people’s faces and get the finish, almost always. He landed a lot of good shots against DC and had the champion on baby deer legs, but he eventually recovered and defeated Johnson. Can he land the shot that can put the champion out cold? That’s what I’m looking to see.

If I were to make an all-time LHW ranking, DC may very well be on the podium as we speak. He has only lost to Jon Jones, who could go down as the greatest fighter of all time. He is a former Olympian and is well versed in all things MMA. He is the champion for a reason and needs to go out and execute a similar plan as he did against “Rumble” last time. In order to do that, however, he is going to have to close the distance with the hardest hitter in the UFC. Can he survive the onslaught and secure the takedown to #EmbraceTheGrind? Let’s see.

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