SPOTLIGHT: Cris Cyborg

SPOTLIGHT: Cris Cyborg


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It's fight day! We're concluding our UFC 219 spotlights with the Women's Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg.


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Cyborg is a badass. Plain and simple. She has been decimating opponents in the shadow of the UFC. It seemed for a while that they would never cross paths, but in 2016, after over a decade winning streak, Cyborg made her UFC debut at 140 pounds. After two very stupid fights at that weight, the UFC finally succumbed and made the 145 pound division, by and large for Cyborg to shine on the biggest stage. She won the then-vacant belt at UFC 214 against Tonya Evinger, and now has Holly Holm next up for her first defense.

It is clear what Cyborg does: violence. She is a pressure striker that can throw unheralded volume and power until her opponents crumble beneath her. Whether the division is developed is a story for another day, but that is not Cyborg's problem even if true. She fights the woman in front of her and wins, typically by stoppage.

Leading up to this fight, some have said Holm could be the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time for those that don't know) should she win. I have not heard much from the other side. I personally believe she is the best ever, as stated in the above video (it's from the podcast: you can get it on iTunes and YouTube!) Cyborg has done what few people can do in sports: be successful and unstoppable for a decade. It's unheard of. It isn't like a Jose Aldo decade where injuries were a problem, but a legitimate decade of actively fighting and seeking fights and destroying everyone put in front of her.


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Her next opponent: Holly Holm. Holm shocked the world once and is a multiple time world champion between MMA, boxing and kickboxing (check more out on her HERE). Cyborg needs to continue to do what she has done for a decade in order to win: overwhelm her. I don't think a woman on the planet could survive 5 rounds of Cyborg. @ me if you dare. She's a baaaaaaaadddd woman and has a strong complete game, cleaning up her stand up while displaying an immensely impressive ground game as well. This is a chance to show the world that she is the baddest woman on the planet and the best female fighter ever.

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