We Simulated a 9-Man UFC Lighweight Tournament, Part 1

We Simulated a 9-Man UFC Lighweight Tournament, Part 1

If you’ve never checked out Grey Dog Software’s World of Mixed Martial Arts series, I highly suggest it. That’s not even an ad or anything, the game is just that cool. Anyways, it’s an MMA game where you can run your own promotion with simulated fights… but it also features a “quick fight” mode in which you can pit any two fighters in the game against each other and see what comes of it. So using Grey Dog user Tag01’s Real World ”Modern Warriors 2.0” mod… I did a thing.

I decided to take the top 9 UFC Lightweights (with #8 and #9 facing each other in a “play-in” fight), throw them in a Grand Prix, and let the chaos play out…

(Note that the records shown were the fighter’s official records as of the time the mod was created, so they may not be up-to-date)


If we’re being honest, I made it a 9-man tournament instead of 8 just because I wanted to see what would happen with Anthony Pettis being in it. It played out pretty well because Anthony Pettis vs Justin Gaethje is pretty damn intriguing.


Well, the guy went out and did the damn thing. Even the virtual version of “Showtime” has a dangerous submission game from the bottom, pulling off an armbar after a 2nd round Gaethje takedown. So a Pettis victory earns him a berth into the official first round of the Grand Prix, and a fight against #1 seed Khabib Nurmagomedov (YIKES).


Up next was the first round opener between #3 seed Conor McGregor and #6 seed Kevin Lee. A classic striker vs wrestler who can also strike pretty good matchup, Kevin Lee had the necessary tools it takes to beat the Notorious One…


…didn’t work out too well though. Conor put Lee away in just over 3 minutes with a total of 7 strikes landed. With a tough matchup out of his way, McGregor is all set to face the winner of the next bout between #2 Tony Ferguson and #7 Edson Barboza.


In a rematch of their 2015 bout, Ferguson jumped to a 2-0 record against Barboza with a quick TKO win. El Cucuy dropped him with the very first punch landed, and then finished him off with 7 power strikes landed on the ground. Ferguson will move on to face Conor McGregor in the semi-finals.

Check back next week for Part 2, where #1 seed Khabib Nurmagomedov will face “play-in” fight winner #9 Anthony Pettis, and #4 Dustin Poirier will meet #5 Eddie Alvarez for a third time.

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