We Simulated a 9-Man UFC Lighweight Tournament, Part 2

We Simulated a 9-Man UFC Lighweight Tournament, Part 2


If you’ve never checked out Grey Dog Software’s World of Mixed Martial Arts series, I highly suggest it. That’s not even an ad or anything, the game is just that cool. Anyways, it’s an MMA game where you can run your own promotion with simulated fights… but it also features a “quick fight” mode in which you can pit any two fighters in the game against each other and see what comes of it. So using Grey Dog user Tag01’s Real World ”Modern Warriors 2.0” mod… I did a thing.

I decided to take the top 9 UFC Lightweights (with #8 and #9 facing each other in a “play-in” fight), throw them in a Grand Prix, and let the chaos play out…

(Note that the records shown were the fighter’s official records as of the time the mod was created, so they may not be up-to-date)


To quickly recap Part 1 if you were too lazy to click the link up top, we saw Justin Gaethje get bounced in the “play-in” by Anthony Pettis, Kevin Lee get put away by Conor McGregor, and Tony Ferguson eliminate Edson Barboza. In part 2 we’ll wrap up the first round, and set up the tournament semi-finals.


For the third semi-final spot, we’ve got #9 seed and “play-in” winner Anthony “Showtime” Pettis taking on #1 overall seed Khabib Nurmagomedov. It’s no secret that it’s an uphill battle and a poor stylistic matchup for Pettis, but can he pull off the upset against the real-life Lightweight champ?


Nah, he couldn’t do it. Pettis managed all of 2 strikes in 15 minutes of fighting. While “Showtime” did get off 9 submission attempts, none of it was enough to tangle up Khabib who was a perfect 6 of 6 on takedowns. Nurmagomedov takes a unanimous decision victory in a fight that was rated “very poor”, but secured a semi-final spot nonetheless.


For the 4th and final semi-final spot, we have the third edition of Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier. Why is newly signed ONE Championship fighter Eddie Alvarez in a simulated UFC tournament, you ask? Don’t worry about it, I respond, shit happens.


Thankfully our boy Dustin took care of business and bounced “The Underground King” from this silly fake tournament. In a fight rated as being “Great”, Poirier took a unanimous decision win on 40+ significant strikes and a takedown.

Check back for Part 3 for the semi-final matchups between Khabib/Dustin and Tony Ferguson/Conor McGregor

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What is left for Daniel Cormier?

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