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How big will the UFC be in Russia?

This weekend, the UFC makes their long-awaited maiden voyage to Russia, home of current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. The card is far from great; it is actually kind of bad. So bad in fact that the UFC is only putting it on Fight Pass, which severely limits the reach the card will get beyond those in attendance and extremely hardcore fans. So, with a card that is lacking in big fights, is this a sign of how much the UFC is willing to invest in Russia?

Eddie Alvarez is Gambling with his Career

This weekend, the UFC is back in Canada, this time in Calgary and on big boy FOX. Something that isn’t being heavily discussed is the fact that Eddie Alvarez is on the last fight of his contract. He previously rejected a contract this year, saying the terms simply weren’t good enough for “The Underground King.” So this Saturday’s outcome is HUUUUGE for Alvarez, and more specifically, his pocket book.