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This Weekend's Card is Fun, But a Letdown

This weekend, the UFC is hopping across the pond, hosting an event in Prague for the first time. The card is full of European talent, as is usual in the promotion’s events abroad to represent the region they are in, but the names and talent involved are very underwhelming, especially when compared to the first two cards on the same platform.

What is Going on at Middleweight?

Going into UFC 234, everything was shaping up nicely for the immediate future of the division. The champion was going to defend his belt with the #1 contender fight being the co-main. It was all going to plan. Then BAM, there was a hernia and collapsed bowel, Gastelum parading a belt around, unimpressvie outing in the now main event, and a long line of killers waiting behind them. So, the question remains, what is next for the 185 lb. division?

Quick 2019 Predictions

2019 is HERE. While we have two weeks until the first card of the year, now is a great time to look at the UFC roster and make a few predictions for this upcoming calendar year. Also, now that I put these in writing, I am almost certain that none of these will hold to be true at the end of the year.

Eddie Alvarez is Gambling with his Career

This weekend, the UFC is back in Canada, this time in Calgary and on big boy FOX. Something that isn’t being heavily discussed is the fact that Eddie Alvarez is on the last fight of his contract. He previously rejected a contract this year, saying the terms simply weren’t good enough for “The Underground King.” So this Saturday’s outcome is HUUUUGE for Alvarez, and more specifically, his pocket book.

Landscape of the Heavyweight Division

UFC 226 is now old news. It’s done. Due to the falling out of the 145 title fight, the main and co-main were Heavyweight clashes, one for the title and the other a likely #1 contender fight. Then you had one of the most boring fights ever, a double champ, and Brock Lesnar. With all of this shaking up, it’s appropriate to see where the division stands now, at least for the immediate future.

Who's Got Next?

This is a question that has been circulating some (at least our) MMA circles recently. It just does not seem there is a "guy" in the UFC right now, so who is it? Without Conor being active, who is the face of the organization?

Enter Greg Hardy

Yesterday, MMA did not take a break, as there was the season premeire of Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series (wow that's a mouthful), where prospects fought in front of the boss in hopes of making it to the UFC. Well, two contracts were given. One of those contracts was that of the polarizing, controversial former NFL Pro-Bowler Greg Hardy, who took 57 seconds to dismantle his co-former NFL player opponent. So, like him or not, Greg Hardy is going to fight in the UFC (at some point).