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PREVIEW: Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier

UFC 236 is main evented by a HUGE (interim) Lightweight title fight between Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. This is a rematch from a fight that happened in 2014, but these are obviously very different fighters. Max is now arguable the best Featherweight ever, while Poirier has beaten 2 former champions in his last fight, both by finish. So what happens now? Let’s see.

PREVIEW: Anthony Pettis vs Stephen Thompson

In place of a normal preview post, here is our discussion, which we talked about at great length, of UFC Nashville’s headliner: Anthony Pettis and Stephen Thompson. We talked at it for so long, and to enough detail, that we here at Untitled MMA believe that this is a far better substitute. So kick back, relax, and listen to our in-depth review of Anthony Pettis vs Stephen Thompson!

This Weekend's Card is Fun, But a Letdown

This weekend, the UFC is hopping across the pond, hosting an event in Prague for the first time. The card is full of European talent, as is usual in the promotion’s events abroad to represent the region they are in, but the names and talent involved are very underwhelming, especially when compared to the first two cards on the same platform.